Extraordinary poop emoji socks

With printed socks becoming the next new thing, emoji socks have taken the lead. The emoji printed socks are not only adding color to the customer’s life but are also helping them look unique. The emoji socks make the individual stand out in a crowd of people wearing the basic black, grey or white socks.

funny shit happens poop emoji socks

For people who like lighter tones of beige, cream and off white when it comes to choosing socks, emoji socks might not seem to be appealing. With the bright yellow, red and orange emojis giving the radiant vibes, the subtle individuals tend to go back to the basic boring socks.

socks with poop emoji

However, for people wanting cream- and light-colored socks, the poop emoji socks are the best thing. The poop emoji socks use background colors which contest and complement the dark brown color of the emoji. The colors often used along with the poop emoji are fawn, white and off white. The color is vital and the most dominant part of the socks when the emoji is added merely to the elastic band of the socks. However, in case multiple poop emojis (in small size) are printed all over the socks then the background color tends to become a bare necessity.

The socks have a rib cage elastic band towards the top end of the socks to ensure that the socks remain in position. Moreover, the material used for making the socks is mostly cotton with a slight touch of synthetic fiber. The synthetic fiber ensures that the socks preserve their shape even after multiple washes, while the cotton provides the required comfort and softness. The socks add to the daily clothing apparel of the individual and successfully make the customer look trendy and unique. Like the socks, poop emoji sweatpants and shirts are also becoming highly famous.

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