Poop emoji shirt just for the brave ones

Emoji shirts have gained significant popularity with time. Emoji shirts and sweatshirts are highly common among teenagers and university going students who need good quality shirts along with vibrant colors. Among all the emoji, the common ones are the happy, sad, crying and the love ones which are used by almost everyone, however among the rare ones the poop emoji is frequently used. The emoji is often used as an expression of speech and ideas.

poop emoji shirt
Push it real good – poop emoji shirt

With the poop emoji being frequently used by teenagers, the poop emoji shirt is in high demand. The poop emoji shirt is available in different sizes and the customers can choose in the neck style they want. The colors of the poop emoji shirt mainly depend on the size of the emoji print. In case of the emoji dominating the shirt, the poop emoji is printed in the center and is large enough that the color of the shirt is usually ignored.

I pooped rainbow today emoji poop shirt

As for the shirts where a small corner is dedicated to the emoji print, the color is a significant factor. The usual colors like beige, skin and cream shades often complement the emoji as the poop emoji itself is of dark brown color. In poop emoji shirts, colors like black, blue and grey are not preferred. Mostly lighter shades are used in order to complement the emoji.

The shirt is made with cotton and polyester to provide the perfect mix of strength and softness. The shirt remains perfectly slim and does not lose its shape even after multiple washes. The color of the shirt is also preserved along with the emoji remaining fresh. The shirt is made from high-quality materials and thus it is a long lasting and a day to day use product. Like the poop emoji shirt, there is a high demand of poop emoji sweatshirts.

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