Emoji backpack and lunchbox everyone needs to have

Emoji backpack and school accessories are becoming highly common and a way of standing out in the crowd. The backpacks and lunch boxes adorn a number of emoji on themselves, giving the accessories a unique touch. While the accessories catch everyone’s eyes, they are also highly suitable for school and other purposes like camping trips and traveling.

Emoji backpack full of emojis

The bags are made up of durable polyester which provides it with great strength, and it is able to carry weight without snapping. Moreover, the material used for the lining of the inside of the bag is soft foam material which provides extra padding, preventing any stiffness to be felt by the carrier. The zipper of the bag is durable and does not break easily. The backpack is large enough to accommodate notebooks, snacks, folders and binders. It has additional pockets to keep stationary and keys along with other stuff. The emoji print gives the bag pack a colorful touch.

backpack and lunchbox with emojis

The emoji lunch box is like any other lunch box with the addition of emoji print on its cover. The lunch box is made out of molded plastic which is given the shape using high intensity flame. The molding method provides the lunch box with strength. The lunch box has a cover to keep the food secure, and the cover is decorated with different emojis. No fixed emoji is used on the backpack and the lunch box and they range from the happy, tearful and sad ones to the weird cool, vomiting and the love emojis.

Using an emoji backpack and lunch box makes the person feel colorful and thus happy along with being unique. The owner of the emoji backpack and lunchbox tends to stand out in the crowd. Along with backpacks and lunchboxes, the emojis stationary and keychains are also a common fascination for students.

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